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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blame It on the Oatmeal!

So sue me… I make oatmeal for breakfast for my boys when they ask for it.  It’s instant for Pete’s sake!  Could this be the explanation for all that’s wrong in the world?!    According to my husband, it is. 
When the boys don’t take out the trash without being asked have a fit about being told to take out the trash, it’s because I make them oatmeal; when they whine or act immature, it’s because I make them oatmeal; when they don’t appreciate what they have, it’s because I make them oatmeal; when they talk back, it’s because I make them oatmeal!
He’s so ridiculous!  Especially since every morning I do everything for him but physically dress him!  I gently and lovingly wake him up (read: NO annoying alarm), set out his clothes (from head to toe), pack a gym bag (that’s a whole other story), I make his coffee-by preheating the coffee pot and the coffee mug and using bottled water.  I pack a lunch bag (more like suitcase) with peeled hard-boiled eggs, a nutritional supplement drink, leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, and I finish with an escort to the car during which I carry the gym bag, lunch suitcase and coffee to the car, I give him a once-over and a kiss and send him on his way.  But I never make oatmeal for him.  Poor guy! 
Good thing he doesn’t know about the iced tea that I make for them from loose tea leaves!
My husband just doesn’t understand how I need to nurture my boys in this way while I can.  They blew by their toddler years so fast and tweendom is abruptly descending upon us.  I need to make more oatmeal before it’s too late. 
Well, in case you have any nurturing to do in your house, here’s the recipe for my oatmeal:
Nurturing Oatmeal (That May Be All That’s Wrong with the World)
1 packet organic, instant apple oatmeal
1 packet organic, instant maple brown sugar oatmeal
Approximately ¾ cup boiling water
¼ to ½ cup half and half