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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trailer Park Dreams

There are times when my husband and I actually fantasize about trading in the roomy house with nice yard, the beautiful landscaping and all that comes with it (read work and expense) for a… double-wide trailer.  We could live so fat!  It would be quite the palace.  We could furnish it with the best flooring, furniture and fixtures, and take lavish vacations.  We would live like celebrities!  No more working to pay the mortgage!  We could live free and clear and large!  How much closet space does one a double-wide trailer have?  Because I can now afford a seriously large and divine wardrobe.  Would it be strange to have restaurant quality appliances in a trailer?  Would there be room for a housekeeper?  And I suppose my husband would want to have that Ferrari parked in the… trailer garage???  Maybe we could buy an extra lot next door and get an in-ground pool?  I’m thinking that this kind of living large could really catch on.  Perhaps we can find a gated trailer park community?  You know, an elite trailer park.   Wait, Andy Cohen is calling; he wants to cast me in the Real Housewives of Trailer Parks! 

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